Students at Altizer Elementary learn about healthy choices

The Herald-Dispatch | Lori Wolfe/The Herald-Dispatch Students participate in a yoga and dance class conducted by Jennifer Anderson of Barboursville as part of Healthy Lifestyles Day on Thursday, May 19, 2016, at Altizer Elementary School in Huntington.

HUNTINGTON – Students and teachers at Altizer Elementary School broke away from their normal routines Thursday to participate in the school’s first Healthy Lifestyles Day.


“This day is a chance for kids to do hands-on and interactive activities that deal with health and wellness,” Jennifer Anderson said. “It’s different from your standard health fair where people just walk around to different booths and get handed papers.”


Anderson started the program at Village of Barboursville Elementary School six years ago when her daughter was in pre-K. She said she wanted to be able to start a program that encouraged a healthy lifestyle for her child as well as other students.


Since then Anderson has been working to bring the Healthy Lifestyles Day to other schools in the area.


“This program aligns with the standards that the teachers are supposed to be teaching in regards to health and wellness,” she said. “It really helps students and teachers because teachers can be so overwhelmed with other things and sometimes health can get overlooked.”


As part of Healthy Lifestyles Day, several local organizations including Cabell County 911, Marshall University, and a yoga studio were present at the school to teach kids about being healthy.


Anderson said one station taught students about how being healthy can affect their brain and what can happen to their brain if they eat poorly as opposed to eating a healthy, balanced meal.


“Our hope is that this will spark other programs promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the county,” she said. “We also want to get the parents involved because they are a big part of keeping their kids healthy.”






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