Stores launch healthy eating scheme

Healthy food luanch: from left, Zach Moniz, general manager of Lindo’s, David Kendell, director, Department of Health, Gary Schuman, president of Marketplace and minister Jeanne Atherden.

Supermarkets across the island have teamed up with the Bermuda Government to launch a new healthy eating initiative.


The “Saver the Flavour: Eat Well for Less” programme is designed to help residents have a healthy, balanced diet at an affordable price.


Lindo’s, Miles Market, SuperMart, MarketPlace, Arnold’s, Harrington Hundreds, Butterfield & Vallis and Dunkley’s have all signed up to the scheme that will see outlets offer healthy item choices with their weekly specials.


“The Bermuda Government and Lindo’s collaborated on this concept with the intention of highlighting items that promote healthy eating,” Zach Moniz, Lindo’s family foods manager, said in a statement.


“Working with the government nutritionists, the programme will help our shoppers to make nutritious food choices at good value.”


Every month, Lindo’s will send a list of about 1,000 items that are on special to the nutritionists, who will select produce to feature in the programme based on nutrition value and cost.


The selected items will be put in a special in-store display at both Lindo’s in Devonshire and Warwick.


“We want to help our customers make healthy food choices and take advantage of our special offers. This programme combines the two,” Mr Moniz said. “It is also a way for shoppers to try new items that they might not normally buy.”


The Saver the Flavour launch event was held in the rose garden at Camden on Friday and was attended by Jeanne Atherden, the Minister of Health as well as numerous health officials and participating supermarkets.


“We are very excited about this initiative and we encourage everyone to participate by seeking out the Saver the Flavour branded items when they shop,” Ms Atherden said.


“Good nutrition is so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finding healthy items that are good value goes a long way in developing healthy eating habits.”






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