Healthy midnight snack options for new mothers

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For a breastfeeding mom, it’s very normal to feel hungrier than usual because the body needs extra calories to produce milk. This urge to eat can occur at any time of the day. There are instances when those who didn’t have midnight cravings earlier now want to have a bite when they get up in the middle of the night.


When hunger strikes at such odd times, the easiest option is to reach out for chips, a bar of chocolate or biscuits. However, these are laden with unnecessary calories and you don’t want to put on excessive weight. Eating natural food products without added preservatives and colours will help your health and body in the long run.


If you are among those who wake up in the night to feed your baby, keep these nourishing goodies handy.




Milk is low in calories and contains calcium and vitamin D, which are good for keeping the bones healthy. It also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is said to help you fall asleep.



Healthy cookies


You can order for home-made healthy cookies which come in a variety of flavours like oats, ragi, whole wheat, etc. Plain crackers are a good choice as well.





These are full of fibre and will keep you full for longer. They also help regulate blood sugar and are packed with protein. They also pack in some good fats that are needed for milk production.





Instead of ice cream, kheer made of rice or suji with milk is a good option. To keep a control on the portion size, store it in a small bowl in the fridge. The cool dessert is very filling as a mid-night snack.



Fruits with curd


Add bananas, apple or strawberry to curd and you get a naturally sweet dessert full of nutrition, which you can tuck into in the middle of the night.



Nutritious laddoos


In India, we have a tradition of including nutritious laddoos in the diet for a new mother. Keep a stock of methi, gond (gum), date and whole wheat laddoos. Most of these also contain coconut, jaggery and dry fruits rolled in pure ghee and are energy balls without any added sugar or fats.





Popcorn is a safe snack when you have midnight cravings and want something a little salty. It is a good source of complex carbs, while also being low in calories if they are devoid of butter or cheese.



Hummus and vegetables


Hummus made from chickpeas and sesame is known to help you lose weight. Enjoy this healthy dip with vegetable sticks or whole grain crackers.



Boiled eggs


Packed with protein, even a single boiled egg can fill you up quickly. Just add a dash of salt and pepper to make it tasty.







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