Local health professionals offer health tips

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 Published: March 29, 2016, 7:48 am


MASON CITY, Iowa –  We all know what it takes to be healthy, but sometimes it can be difficult to make the necessary lifestyle changes.


It turns out most adults are neglecting their health.


If you have forgotten about exercise and eating healthy, unfortunately you are among the other 97.3 % of American adults.


The U.S. National Health and Nutrition survey analyzed more than 4,000 people and found less than 3% achieved a healthy lifestyle.Local health professionals says these findings were quite interesting, but area organizations are doing their part to raise the percentage.


“As part of the county’s employee wellness program we do offer onsite fitness facilities for our employee’s and also the clientele that we provide programming to and it just provides an opportunity for people to get a little more active during their day when they don’t have time after work hours to may get to the gym and they can fit in a couple minutes on break or lunch break,” says Kelli Huinker, Health Promotion Manager.


More businesses are incorporating similar employee wellness programs and reimbursements to gyms, to help promote healthier lifestyles in employees.


Huinker recommended a few health tips suggests swapping out sugary drinks for plenty of H2O.


“One when it comes to nutrition we always tell people the more whole foods or natural foods you can eat the better. So staying away from those processed foods, things that are in boxes that have been prepped in a factory tend to limit those and choose more of the natural foods, fruits, vegetable, meats.”


In April, Mason City will kick off their annual event Town and Tennies to encourage more people to walk and get fit.


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